Building laravel admin panel easily

Building laravel admin panel easily

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As you all know as a backend developer, we have complications building admin panels (specially: UI)

I also get headaches and very much confusion while building admin panels, so I research and more research over the year how to resolve this.

I also build myself some prebuild UIs for using with backends, but it all takes much time to integrate with.

Then I found "filamentPHP", it's built on top livewire and tailwindcss as a package for laravel like Nova, but as you all know Nova is paid. So, I decided to go with filamentPHP, now it takes me only few minutes to build admin panel on top of laravel, create models and migrations, and building admin panel with filamentPHP, yes it has some downgrades, like sometimes I stuck on some queries, but as you go with it, it will be like piece of cake.

FilamenPHP, gives you the ability to CRUD on models via resource files, there is many core features available already: Panel Builder, Forms builder, Table builder, Notifications, Actions, Info list builder & Widgets.

You will also create your custom livewire or blade views, for everything in it e.g.: widgets, actions, tables etc.

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